One of the neatest things I have seen as homeowners recover from our lovely storms is some sign their names and date on the walls before they are covered. Others placed photos or some sort of "time capsule" in their walls for others to find in the future. In older homes, that was sometimes the thing to do as well. Almost like leaving a message for the future from the past. It's probably the closest we will get to time traveling in this lifetime at least.

Tanner was a lot like the rest of SWLA, two years' worth of waiting and repairing. As the contractors began to dive deeper into Tanner's home, the 80-year-old home showed off a little message. Some "spice" to the repairs, if you will. Handwritten in pencil and well preserved is "Dr. H. Csg". Read it for what you will, I initially read it as "Doctor H. Csg". I realized that CSG is not a word due to a lack of vowels, but I also know we live in SWLA and even our doctors have weird nicknames.

Tanner decided to share a photo of the signature, now beautifully framed and preserved in a local Lake Charles Historic Neighborhoods group. Seeing as though I am a HUGE Lake Charles history nerd, it's one of my favorite groups to be a part of. I saw Tanner's photo and immediately got invested in the story. I even started googling around to try and find an answer. Then, I read the comments.

Tanner Bananer
Tanner Bananer

I missed this lesson on "This Old House" on Sunday afternoons. Guess I was napping. Trent Gremillion of SWLA Archaeology burst our bubble with his knowledge of all things old.

I've seen similar abbreviations used in an old home on Common Street. "Dr" was used to mark the location of a door. "CSG" might mean casing.

Welp. That just threw ALL the water on the fire for me. Trent is just out there on Facebook squashing dreams!  "Door H Casing" was never a doctor, just a marking and notation. Sometimes when you expect one thing and get another outcome, it just makes for a great story nevertheless. I would still keep it framed and hang it out as a reminder of a fun lesson on carpentry and a conversation piece!

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