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The State of Louisiana has been struggling to get the COVID-19 Vaccine rollout off the ground for over a month now. But the rollout in Louisiana has hit plenty of bumps in the road, including large false-starts at community vaccination sites.

But as the Federal Government starts to step up the pressure on states to get the vaccine out faster, Louisiana is looking for more help. One of those steps to find help lands at retail pharmacies doorsteps. That includes Walgreens pharmacies, even if not by choice of the Louisiana State Government.

Walgreens was selected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program. The retail chain has already received enough vaccine to set up vaccination locations in multiple states, and are rushing to expand this week in states they're adding, including Louisiana.

But to start the program, there will not be a "walk in" option for the shots, though that may come soon. Right now you're going to have to schedule an appointment online first. But first you have to make sure you fit the Louisiana qualifications for the COVID vaccine. Even thought Walgreens will be administering the vaccine, they still have to follow the rules that the Louisiana State Government gives them. Right now, the most recent expansion for the vaccine in Louisiana now includes those 65-and-older.


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