The historic Central School, which is a beautiful building located in the heart of the Garden District of Lake Charles, is now under new management according to a press release from the Arts Council.

Central School

In partnership with the City of Lake Charles, the Arts Council of Southwest Louisiana has been given the responsibilities of building manager for the Central School Arts & Humanities Center. The Arts Council will manage the incubation of arts and humanities initiatives at Central School while promoting the building as a hub for educational and cultural activities.

Three conference rooms and a 400-seat theatre are available as temporary rentals to the public at competitive prices for everything from theatre performances and dance recitals to conference rooms and wedding receptions. The building also houses office space for non-profit organizations and studios for artists, and all Central School tenants pay below-market rental rates in order to encourage the development of a strong ecosystem of artists and cultural organizations.

“We are enthusiastic about opportunities that await the community at Central School. Many noticeable visual improvements will begin to unfold in upcoming weeks including new pole banners that will surround the block on which the Arts and Humanities Center is located,” said Matt Young, executive director of the Arts Council. “A new website will launch for Central School in July. There, visitors will be able to read about our tenants and upcoming events, take a virtual photo tour of the facility, or easily download a rental application.”

The Central School Arts & Humanities Center was designed and built by noted New Orleans architects “Favrot & Livaudais” in 1912 and is located at the heart of the Charpentier Historic District. The historic elementary school opened its doors for the fall semester of the 1913-1914 academic year, under the leadership of Principal H.P. Wall.

For information on renting rooms or on the organizations and artists within Central School, call the Arts Council at (337) 439-2787.via News Release: Historic Central School - Arts 7 jHumanities Council of Southwest Louisiana


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