You signed up for Louisiana's $250 front-line worker check, you see your co-workers and friends getting their checks, but why haven't you received yours?

According to the Louisiana Department of Revenue, the state has already issued checks to 69,000 of the 240,000 Louisiana residents who signed up for the state's stimulus package. Residents who will not be receiving a check will be mailed a letter this week with details on what issues have delayed or voided their $250 front-line worker hazard pay check.

Department of Revenue officials are suggesting the main reason why most checks are denied are errors when filing the form that make it impossible for them to vet the applicant's information. They also say there have been many instances of uncompleted forms being submitted.  In those cases, it was very difficult to verify the applicant's information, and 208 cases were denied funds because it was found that the applicant was deceased.

If you receive a letter detailing what you need to fix on your application, make sure you make the necessary changes quickly. Currently, there is only about $23 million left in the program, and once the money runs out, they will not send out any more checks.

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