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With Halloween on the way, the talk this time of year inevitably turns to scary campfire tales.  Incredible and (mostly) unbelievable stories come out of the woodwork, and the best ones are about our own Louisiana monsters.

It makes sense really.  A lot of Louisiana was wild and uncharted for most of our history with it (some of it still is).  When you realize that the root of these legends reaches back into our more suspicious (and gullible) past, you can begin to tell your self that it can't be real.  That being said, the smattering of "evidence" and eyewitness accounts leave enough of a nagging belief to give the stories of these critters the legs to stick around for years!

There are plenty of tall tales in the Bayou State, so feel free to share your stories so we can add to this list of mythological creatures from our state!

5 Legendary Louisiana Monsters


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