Yesterday, I wrote about five things nobody told me about Louisiana before I moved to Louisiana. One of those five things talked about how people here tend to believe that the speed limit is something that happens to other people, which is kind of funny because I just found out today where Louisiana ranks among the worst states for speed traps in the country.

Spoiler alert: We made the Top Ten.

According to Thrillist, Louisiana is the 7th worst state for speed traps, with 28.5 traps per 100,000 residents. With 4.65 million people in the state, that works out to around 1,325 traps. Seems high, doesn't it?

Don't worry, though. It's not like Lake Charles made the top ten list for the worst cities in the state or anything. Oh, wait. We're 6th on that one. Never mind.

Just to recap, Lake Charles is the 6th worst city for speed traps in the 7th worst state for speed traps. That's just speed traps, though. You know, the places where the speed limit suddenly dips for inexplicable reasons and there's a cop hiding in the bushes with a radar gun pointed at your face.

Okay, they're not really like that. There's always a reason the speed limit dips, even if it's not entirely clear to us as we're zipping by on our way to wherever. But if you actually pay attention to the road, you should be able to see the signs and slow down before you get pulled over or murder someone. Everybody wins!

It's not a speed trap when a cop is sitting in the middle of the road and you just don't notice him, though. That's on you. Slow down, Speed Racer. The crawfish will still be boiling when you get there.

Here's a list of all the speed traps in Lake Charles, according to You know, just in case you're one of the EVERYBODY who speeds like a demon's got your tail around here. Seriously, why is everyone in such a hurry?

The best trick to getting out of a speeding ticket is to not get pulled over for speeding, which is something best accomplished by JUST NOT SPEEDING.

It's not a wild concept, guys. Just slow down. Enjoy the scenery and all the not being a danger to society that obeying the speed limit gives you. You've earned it.

The I-10 bridge has a 50mph limit, by the way. I know there's only one little sign at the very bottom of the bridge, so a lot of people probably miss it. But now you know, so everyone can stop tailgating me.

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