Governor John Bel Edwards has announced he will be making some changes to the Phase One reopening protocol for the state.

This is great news for shopping malls and casinos across SWLA and the state. Starting today, casinos in Louisiana will be allowed to have 50% capacity at their gaming tables and stations. However, the casino as a whole will still only be allowed to let 25% capacity through their doors. The change comes after the state received complaints about the original limitations the governor set earlier this week.

Also, shopping mall stores with an interior opening will now be allowed to open to the public at 25% capacity. The original limitations set earlier this week had only mall stores with openings on the outside of the malls allowed to open for business, leaving stores located inside the mall high and dry.

According to the governor's office, their definition of capacity is calculated by either one person per 60 square feet of gross area or 25% of the posted capacity by the state Fire Marshal. Louisiana businesses wanting to reopen need to register in order to receive guidelines to ensure compliance with the state's reopening phase protocol.

Governor Edwards also said that employees and customers should wear masks and still practice social distancing during the reopening phases of our state.

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