The internet is an amazing resource, filled with the collective knowledge of the entire human race. You can use it to find information on almost anything, research past events, or figure out new solutions to old problems. It's the greatest communication tool the world has ever seen.

Even though most of it is cat pictures.

Still, if you put in a little time and effort - or if you're just flat bored enough - you can poke around something like Google Maps to find interesting and hilarious shapes of Lake Charles from above, then spend the rest of the day giggling because you're basically twelve years old.

Or maybe that's just me.

It's probably just me.

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    Sports Complex Flower

    Everyone loves flowers, but nobody loves them quite as much as the baseball fields of the Lake Charles Multi-Sports Complex. Apparently.

    I'm not sure what kind of flower this is, but the distinctive petal design makes it look like it might be a Fast Pitch Softball Lily, but I'll leave that to botanists more fluent in floriculture than I am to decide.

    Also, today I learned that floriculture is a really real word that exists.

    Google Maps
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    Plant Legos

    In an effort to keep us safe from shoeless giants who wander the swamps and waterways of Southwest Louisiana like barefoot monsters, the plants and refineries around the area have all erected massive Lego blocks as a preventative measure.

    Nothing hurts like stepping on a Lego, after all.

    Google Maps
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    Civic Center Pac-Man

    I bet you thought the Civic Center only hosted concerts and performances by famous musicians or traveling French-Canadian acrobats. Don't feel bad. It's a common misconception.

    The truth is, the city made a deal with Namco back in the '80s to quietly provide a vacation home for Pac-Man in the off season, when kids were back in school during the day instead of feeding quarters into arcade machines.

    In a tragic turn of events following the video game crash of the mid-'80s, Pac-Man turned the Civic Center into his permanent home after demand for personal appearances dried up, and he found himself evicted from his palatial Los Angeles estate.

    Google Maps
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    Golf Course Gator

    If you're a fan of smacking little white balls around with sticks, you might want to pay attention the next time you're at the Contraband Bayou Golf Club.

    Not many people realize the golf course plays host to a very disapproving alligator who is never impressed with your hole in whatever.

    Just look at that condescending stare, as he points toward someone's horrible backswing.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, really.

    Google Maps
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    No Comment

    The Lake Marie Estates is probably where rich people live, because this interesting land mass is made up entirely of waterfront property on what looks like a man-made peninsula. Or something.

    And that's all I feel comfortable saying about this one.

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