Having retired from politics for a new career as an eccentric and loveable public speaker, former La. Gov. Edwin Edwards cannot stay out of the spotlight.  And now, he's taking it to a national stage as he and his wife have signed up for a reality TV show on A&E that premieres in February.  And you thought "Swamp People" was entertaining.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the show, called "The Governor's Wife," will focus on the 85-year-old former governor's relationship with his wife, 34-year-old Trina.  It should say something that Edwin's daughters (both in their 60s) will also be a part of the show, as will Trina's kids, two boys ages 13 and 15.  Trina married Edwin in 2011, just six months out of his prison stint.

The series follows Trina as she attempts to fit into the former governor’s upscale world and busy social life while trying to get along with daughters twice her age and corral her teenage sons. Between school projects, running for president of the Homeowner’s Association, fending off skeptics who think she’s a gold digger, and thoughts of adding a baby of their own to the mix, the Edwards clan truly represent a new take on the modern family.”

--A&E's show description

Oh, Lord.

Well, if nothing else, you know it should be funny -- at least when Edwin is onscreen.  That cat is a hoot.  "The Governor’s Wife" premieres Wednesday, February 27 at 10 p.m. on A&E.