When the bard of L.A., (Lower Alabama) Walker Hayes came up with the idea for his hit song Fancy Like it was actually inspired by a family outing to Applebee's. Now that inspiration which gave Walker another number one hit has inspired another group of singers to put a bit of a Christmas spin on the project.

The song is performed by the acapella group Straight No Chaser and if you "found yourself" in the lyrics of Walker's version of the song then you'll instantly relate to this holiday version set to the same melody.

While Walker covers important aspects of living "Fancy Like" with a visit to Applebee's and the Bourbon Street Steak and the Oreo Shake. "Christmas Like" covers most of the same aspects but with a Christmas flair. Yes, there is a nod to egg nog and fruitcake. There is even a nod or two sent in the direction of Santa Claus and mistletoe.

Straight No Chaser via YouTube
Straight No Chaser via YouTube

All in all, it's a fun tune and the holiday version makes it just that much happier if you ask me. If you'd like to give it a listen. Here you go.

Now, don't you feel like jumping on your Tik Tok account and creating a few choreographed moves to go along with this version? Hey, if you do, we'd like to see them. Just drop us a video using our radio station App.

And Merry Christmas, watch out for the egg nog. The booze will go straight to your head and the nog, well it will go straight to your thighs. Then we will have to create another parody version of Fancy Like. We'll call it Fatty Like for the New Year.

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