Are you familiar with the phrase "Same planet, different world"? It seems to suggest that while others might inhabit our same rock in the solar system their sense of values and integrity are vastly different from those of our own. You often experience this epiphany when you're in a crowd of people at a fair, festival, concert, or sporting event.

2011 College World Series - South Carolina v Florida - Game One
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Basically, it's just people doing their own thing living life at the speed of "them". There's nothing wrong with it but from time to time some of the actions that you'll see from people will set you back a few years.

Such was the case at last night's "Subway Series" Major League Baseball game between the teams of New York. Yeah, it was the Yankees and the Mets and while the boys from the Bronx bested the fellows from Queens by a score of 4-2 the game isn't what a lot of sports fans are discussing this morning.

Kid Trolls At Baseball Game

In fact, what some of them are discussing could be considered disgusting, especially if you don't like mixing your foods and beverages. In this video captured at last night's game, you can see a fan about to enjoy a hot dog and a beer. There is nothing wrong with that at a baseball game. However, the way he enjoys them has left many on social media to question whether or not he should be allowed to still roam the planet.

Just in case you don't believe what you just saw, the fan used a drinking straw to "core out" the center of a hot dog. He then dipped the hot dog in his beer and started to suck beer through his makeshift hot dog straw. The gag reflex is strong with this one.

KRISHNA Ungalil oruvan via YouTube
KRISHNA Ungalil oruvan via YouTube

But perhaps our beer-sucking genius was not the originator of the Weenie Straw, perhaps he took his cue from the TV show Family Guy.

Okay, I get it, hot dogs are good and beer is good but that doesn't mean you should mix them together. I know I shouldn't knock it until I've tried it but this might be one of those "food fads" that will just have to pass me by. I'm still getting used to the concept of peanuts in a Coke frankly so the Weenie Straw will have to stay on my bucket list for at least a few more lifetimes.

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