Living in the line of hurricanes, most of us know that when the eye of the storm passes directly over us, everything is fairly calm. Sometimes, there's even full sun for a little while, until the trailing wall makes a visit. But, for areas at sea, the eye of the storm can still mean rough seas.

KATC TV3 Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo retweeted this graph which shows the conditions at offshore buoys during the storm. Notice what happens in the eye of the storm:

When we say things are calm in the eye of the hurricane, that's only if you are on firm ground: the conditions at the weather buoy showed winds around 10 miles per hour (with gusts below 20 mph), but the seas were still a whopping 35 feet!

I never gave much thought to what happened in the eye of a hurricane offshore, but now I know, and I don't want to ever experience it!

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