Today, we're getting off the ship and back onto dry land -- in Montego Bay, Jamaica! Last night, Damon Troy and Final Five rocked the ship with an awesome show, and we're still recovering. Today we'll have our hands full.

Everyone got started early this morning -- even the livestock!

One of the first things I saw when I stepped off the ship was this. How is it that the donkey gets started with the booze before I can? If the donkey gets drunk and you try to ride him, can you get pulled over for a DWI?

I'll try to upload more pictures throughout the day, so keep checking back on this page!


Thursday: The Cayman Islands.

Friday: Cozumel, Mexico.

Saturday: Our cocktail party on board the ship.


So here we are in Jamaica! We went to margaritaville and I went down the huge slide that threw me into the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. Then we went and hung out on the beach. We just got back on the ship and are about to leave and head to the cayman islands! Talk to ya tomorrow with more pics!


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