For every person that's had to leave for work or school with a pair of pants or a shirt that was a little bit damp because it didn't get dry in the clothes dryer, this hack is for you. Those who have tried, myself included, now swear this is the only way to do laundry if you want to have your clothes dried and ready for folding after just one pass through the dryer.

Martin Poole, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
Martin Poole, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

I have to admit, before I tried this hack, I thought my dryer was broken. I had cleaned out the filter and I even went so far as to clean the vent hose of lent and debris. You need to do that too, you're at risk of a dryer fire if you don't and I would imagine that would be a lot worse than wearing damp pants to work.

Oddly enough the best way to get your clothes drier faster doesn't take place in your clothes dryer. It takes place in your washing machine. In order for it to make sense you need to contemplate how your washer washes your clothes.

First, it fills the tub with the appropriate temperature water. You add the soap and the machine begins to agitate the clothing to loosen the dirt and debris. The washer's tub is drained. There is usually a brief spin cycle and then fresh clean water is introduced into the tub. The clothes are agitated and then the water is drained.

What comes next is the final spin cycle. This is where your washer uses a major principle of physics spinning the tub so fast the water is forced out of the clothing. You've probably noticed when you pull your clothes to transfer them to the dryer many of them, especially jeans and hoodies and thick material clothing are still very damp.

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Here is where the hack comes into play.

Take the clothes in the washer tub and fluff them up a bit. Pull them away from the sides of the tub and place them as loosely around the agitator as you can. Then reach up to your washer's controls and set the washer on "spin" one more time. This extra spin cycle will pull even more water out of your damp laundry.

Once the cycle is over, you can put the much drier clothes, and you can feel the difference, in the dryer. At my house, the extra spin cycle takes five minutes and the extra dryer cycle takes about an hour. So you get an idea of how much time you can save by adding the extra spin cycle.

It's good enough for Mrs. Hinch, social media household hacks guru, so it will likely be good enough for you too. It will also give you a little more time to enjoy your Red Beans and Rice, after all, if it's washday Monday, you're gonna be making beans, right?

Give it a try and let us know if it made a difference for you.

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