I went to the store today to buy what I needed for our Easter feast and my favorite flowers to put in my garden, the Gerber daisies, were on sale. I racked up! All of a sudden, a voice echoed in my head. "Don't you plant those on Good Friday, Cher!" I swear, if she had been standing in front of me, my Maw Maw would have been making the sign of the cross.

I almost forgot the Cajun superstition that you shouldn't dig in the dirt on Good Friday, or the ground would bleed. Some folks actually believe it's a sin.

The interesting thing about this superstition is that other parts of the country mark Good Friday as the day on which they start their gardens or certain crops.

As for me, I'm Cajun and I want my Maw Maw to rest in peace. My Gerber daisies will be just fine in their temporary home until Saturday.

Happy Easter!

Tracy's Gerber daisies
Tracy's Gerber daisies

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