Don Fontenot et Les Amis De La Louisiane have released there new CD " Wide Open".  It's a follow up from the Huge hit "Ride the Donkey" that was released a few years ago.

Don Fontenot

The new CD Sports 12 new tracks from " Dans mes bras (In My Arms)" to there spin on a Lynyrd Skynyrd hit "Simple Man" by naming there's "Simple Cajun Man" as only Don Fontenot and the boys can do.

This CD has it all!!! Cajun, Swamp Pop, and some Zydeco.  It even has a fun song on the CD called " The Funky Monkey".  It's kind of like a fun song that "Ride The Donkey" was on the last CD.

The new CD is available to purcahse at:

Listen to Cajun Radio because we are spinning some of the tracks from Don Fontenot's new CD now!!!!

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