Gumbo is literally ingrained in Southern culture, so when people mess with the traditional recipe it tends to make Southerners (particularly Cajuns) very angry.

UPDATE: After severe backlash and plenty of Cajun disdain, it appears that Disney has removed the video of their gumbo recipe from Facebook as you can tell by the error message above—but if you still want to remember the disaster that was "healthy" gumbo, it's still here on YouTube.

So when Disney Family posted a "hearty and healthy" gumbo recipe on their Princess and The Frog Facebook page, the South literally showed up in the comments with pitchforks demanding an explanation for the intolerable Gumbo recipe.

Facebook user Andrew Lee knew the ship sank before it left the culinary dock due to the absence of a crucial gumbo ingredient.

I stopped paying attention when they didn't start with a roux.

Crysta Toups took issue with the fact that Disney even considered making gumbo "healthy" in the first place.

Cajun food isn't healthy. It's not supposed to be. There's so much missing, and so much wrong. I mean c'mon. KALE FOR STARTERS. that should have been celery.
"Gumbo inspired stew" maybe.
But gumbo? Hell no.

Others, like Andre Broussard simply demanded explanations as to who was responsible for this sacrilegious excuse for a gumbo recipe.

Bout to run up on whoever called this gumbo. I am unreasonably angry at this video.

This isn't the first time the internet has gone in on a bad gumbo recipe, but as Broussard went on to explain, it's really not that hard to get it right when it comes to making this tasty Southern dish.

Like, everyone and their memaw has their own way to cook a gumbo. It can even vary according to what parish your family is from. But there's two things everyone can agree on: you start with a roux, and at some point you cook some damn rice.

What do you think of the Disney recipe? Is this the worst gumbo you've ever seen?

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