See, right here -- this is how things get out of hand. Apparently, rumors surfaced that Ebola had been diagnosed in Lafayette. So many rumors, apparently, that media has had to debunk them.  KATC reports that rumors started surfacing that Lafayette General Medical Center and Our Lady of Lourdes hospitals were seeing Ebola diagnoses.  Not true, as it turns out.

Ebola is pretty scary. And it doesn't help when the nations hit hardest by the disease are also the ones least capable of handling it. But the worst thing that can happen is stupid people starting stupid rumors and getting gullible people worked up.

Is Ebola serious.  You bet.  Is it a danger to Americans?  Not if we don't act like idiots. Not if we don't spread false information, and not if we get educated on what the disease is and what it can do.  If we can't get ourselves under control, then yes, Ebola will be a big threat -- but still mostly for people who have lesser standards of treatment than we do in America.

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