Based on reports from a couple of weeks ago I would have never believed that we'd be discussing terms of a deal between the omnipotent LHSAA and the organization that represents officials, the LHSOA.  Usually the  LHSAA tends to get its way in every discussion that involves them. I know based on my experience as a broadcaster they have their way and they are set in that way.

Regardless, the officials and those that run high school sports in the state were able to come to terms that would prevent a huge disservice to students in Louisiana this fall.  Yesterday more details were released on the agreement between the LHSOA and the LHSAA regarding the next four years.  The two entities now have a signed agreement that will keep high school sports on the field and out of the courtroom through 2019.

Eddie Bonine is the executive director of the LHSAA, he told the Louisiana Radio Network,

With the vote of the executive committee of the LHSAA to move this forward and get the officials and kids on the fields and courts for the beginning of fall sports.

The agreement will cover items such as pay increases, working conditions, and establishes a sub-committee that will discuss future pay increases, and other items that arise over the next few years.

Whether it be evaluation of officials, how officials are assigned, quality versus accessibility, so on and so forth.

The terms of the agreement will be in place for the next four years pending final approval by the principals at the LHSAA annual meeting in January.

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