For those still using a portable generator, you can't be reminded of this enough.

A Crowley firefighter posted a reminder on Facebook and we want to share it with you now. If you are using a portable generator to keep some appliances running inside your house, make sure the generator is in a WELL-VENTILATED area.

Your generator should NOT be in your home or garage. The threat of carbon monoxide poisoning does exist if you do not put your generator in an open space.

A young man actually died during the hurricane because he put his generator in his house.

Having a carbon monoxide detector in your home may save you and your family one day. Please consider getting on and always follow the safety measures when using a portable generator.

Too many folks are putting themselves in danger when operating a generator and I would encourage you to please check on folks that you know who may be using a generator at their home while power is out.

Lastly, please consider SHARING this message on social media. This reminder can't be heard enough. Stay safe.


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