Tuesday afternoon, Calcasieu Parish School Board Superintendent Karl Bruchhaus announced there were some adjustments made to some policies and procedures for the 20-21 school year. The following changes are new:

  • Teachers and staff will get a break on the parish dress code requirements. The COVID-19 protocols include a lot of cleaning, and Bruchhaus said they now have the option to wear scrubs.
  • Bruchhaus said because face masks are a new part of the parish-wide dress code, the board voted unanimously to give students and staff more room to express themselves through their masks. Masks no longer have to be designated colors but should not be, "derogatory, offensive, political in nature, or distracting to the school environment."
  • Because parents are met with such a big decision on choosing Virtual Learning or traditional Face-to-face Learning, the first semester grace period to enroll or withdraw a student from either option has been extended to start Thursday, August 13 and end September 4. This will give parents more time to finalize their decision between virtual or in-person learning.

For more details, see the news on KPLC 7.

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