Lake Charles doctors have joined Mayor Nic Hunter in warning SWLA about the dramatic increase in coronavirus-related hospitalizations in local facilities.

Mayor Hunter doesn't want to incite fear in SWLA, but he says we can't ignore the recent facts of the virus in the lake area.

The chief medical officers of two local hospitals joined Mayor Hunter on a video recently to talk about the current state of our area. Many people might have thought the virus was slowly going away, but that has shown not to the be case, as Lake Charles was recently leading the nation in positive COVID-19 cases per 100K people.

According to the two officials, coronavirus cases in Lake Charles have doubled the number of those hospitalized in April, the presumed height of the pandemic. They urged the public to make a positive change in their daily routines to help lower the infections in SWLA.

Hear what the mayor and the local doctors have to say below:

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