Texas fans are embarrassed! They are mad! They can't hardly go to work today! When BYU beat the Longhorns this past Saturday the rumor mills kicked into high gear. Is Mack Brown really in the hot seat because of one loss? Would Nick Saban really leave Alabama?

getty images/ Kevin C. Cox

According to sbnation.com sources close to the Alabama program have confirmed that Saban is in fact ticketed on a flight to Texas in the latter part of the week. The site says unconfirmed reports and message board comments have speculated that Texas will be offering in excess of $10MM per year, a private jet, unlimited Little Debbies, and whatever is necessary. Tide fans are very nervous. This would be disastrous for them.

We have no way of testing the credibility of this story. It certainly makes for interesting arm chair coach fodder. LSU fans are hoping it is true. Alabama fans are hoping their school will do whatever it takes to keep Saban and keep the tide rolling.