Former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards has done his time. He was certainly not the first corrupt Louisiana politician. New Orleans Representative William Jefferson (now serving 13 years) followed in his footsteps and now so has former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. OK ... well he is being charged with corruption. He is on trial now in New Orleans under a 21 count indictment including charges of bribery and wire fraud.

getty images/ Chris McKay

Several of Nagin's associates have already been found guilty of similar crimes and now it seems they are willing to testify against Nagin. Yesterday  Rodney Williams testified  that he contributed $60,000 to Nagin's Granite company in order to secure what eventually became over two million dollars in city contracts.

According to WWL Nagin is accused of accepting free travel and vacation expenses for trips to Hawaii, Chicago, Las Vegas and Jamaica while in office and of accepting more than $160,000 in bribes and truckloads of free granite for his family business

So the tradition continues. Who's next?