You have seen countless videos of people losing their minds when they are asked to wear a mask or leave a certain business. I mainly ignore the videos because my thought on it is simple, the business reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, even anti-maskers. Although many of us may be indifferent towards the situation, there are several folks who wince when a person not wearing a mask walks into their business. Why do they wince? They are employees of a business that has a strict "no mask no service" policy.

The good news for these stressed-out employees is that the CDC has stepped out to tell employers to quit making their employees confront anti-maskers. Seriously they're using the whole when in doubt, don't argue with the anti-maskers method. I can get behind this, it would make employees' life much easier.

The CDC issued a new guidance to hopefully limit the workplace violence that several retail workers have received due to enforcing their companies' Covid-19 safety procedures. The CDC pointed out that workers have been threatened or assaulted for enforcing these safety measures. The violence ranges from yelling, swearing, slapping, and even choking employees. Businesses are being encouraged to sign their employees up for conflict-resolution training for their employees. They have also recommended installing security systems. The biggest take away from the CDC was "Don't argue with a customer if they make threats or become violent,".

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