Believe it or not, there is a new Tik Tok Challenge going on that is inspired by TV host Dr Phil. I first learned of the challenge by watching a comedian. Imagine that, a comedian making fun of Dr Quack, I mean Phil.

The comedian in question goes by the name of K-Von. He is a funny fellow that's for sure. I was watching his Dry Bar Comedy special on YouTube the other day when he started discussing the method Dr Phil used to see "how intelligent an audience is".

That's K-Von's entire Dry Bar Special, it's funny, if you want to see just the part about Dr Phil you can click right here. 

So here is the deal. Make two fists facing each other. On the right-hand fist, you'll raise your thumb. On the left hand extend your pinkie finger. It really doesn't matter which hand does what but it should look something like this.

Dry Bar Comedy via YouTube
Dry Bar Comedy via YouTube

Now, switch as fast as you can. In other words, the hand with the thumb up should now have the pinkie extended and the pinkie hand should have the thumb up. Go ahead and give it a try. It's hard as heck to do.

Don't believe me, here is me giving the Dr Phil finger challenge a try on Tik Tok.

I realize our brains are capable of handling more than a few functions at the same time. However, my brain can't seem to grasp the ability to move my thumb on one hand while moving the pinkie finger on the other.

Based on what we are seeing on Tik Tok, a lot of other folks can't figure out how to do this either. But I bet there are some of you who can.

And just as a matter of redemption, there are a lot of you who know me and know that my hands shake a lot. It probably has something to do with the inordinate amount of caffeine I ingest every morning. But I actually do have fine motor skills and a few Tik Tok Challenges of my own that I'd like you to try.

I learned the finger chase and the Magicians finger exercise from watching TV. There used to be a show on WMC-TV in Memphis on Sunday mornings that starred Dick Williams. It was a local show produced in Memphis and I used to watch it because it was the only source of cartoons on a Sunday morning back in the dark ages known as the late 1960s.

Tell me, what did you learn by watching TV? Probably nothing as cool as this, right? If you're on TikTok give us a follow and we'll follow you back or just share this with your friends and see how many of them are finger-feebs like me.

Hey, here's something else I can do with my hands.

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