The Calcasieu Parish Public Library is taking a slow and gradual pace at reopening their locations across the parish.

First, they will start to receive book returns at their book drop-off boxes.

With disinfecting methods being too risky of causing damage to the books, a spokesperson for Calcasieu Parish Public Library, Christy Comeaux, said they will isolate the returns long enough to eliminate any trace of the COVID-19 virus. The recommended time to kill the coronavirus on the items they will get back is 72 hours. However, Comeaux said they will take extra precautions and isolate returns for five days.

She urges library patrons to not take matters into their own hands, even if they are trying to help. Comeaux asks that no one spray their books with disinfectant spray because it could harm them. Also, if you've checked out a laptop, iPad, or hot spot, please refrain from spraying down these devices, too.

If you aren't ready to return your items to the library, we've got great news. For the time being, they've eliminated due dates. Curbside pick-up and deliveries will be available at all Calcasieu Parish Public Library locations starting next week on Tuesday, May 26.

This is great news, my kids have about six books between them to return, and they're itching for some new reading material.

For more details on the timeline of the local public libraries reopening, click here.

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