Today, I went to my old Alma mater LaGrange High school as a representative for Cajun Radio and Townsquare Media to award the school the second place prize for the Powerade Power up contest.

Let me tell you, a lot of great memories came rushing back to me as I walked into the doors of the school.  I was proud, thrilled and honored to be able to go back to a school that I loved and be able to present them with this award and the cash donation!

Here is how the Powerade Power Up contest worked.

The Powerade Power Up Your Program Contest was for local high schools where they had the opportunity to submit letters, essays and videos on why their school deserved to win the $4000. We awarded the $4000 to Grand Lake High School to fund their athletic program because they were in need of uniforms.

However, Powerade was so impressed with the video that was sent in by LaGrange High School that they decided to find the funds to award a second prize award of $2000 their school.

We were a media sponsor as well as our good friends over at KPLC.