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Richard LeBouef is celebrating his birthday today. Richard is known for his high powered shows, his cooking show and his outgoing personality.

A lot of people also don't realize what a big lover of music Richard is.

Richard has given us great music throughout the years with songs like "Empty Glass, Who Stole My Monkey, Louisiana Lullaby, Midland Two Step, Heaven was a Drink of Wine and On a night like This' just to name a few.

Richard Lebouef went to Kaplan High School and currently lives in Maurice, Louisiana.

In 1997, Richard released his album "Again for the first Time" on the La Louisianne record label which spawned the mega hit "Empty Glass". The song is a remake of an old country classic first recorded by Gary Stewart. Richard took this classic and made it his own and the song has taken a life of it's own here in the Louisiana area become one of the most popular songs in Cajun Music history!

Richard Lebouef also released albums "Kickin' in your own Backyard and Longneck Vacation" which also produced big hits for him.

Happy Birthday Richard! Thanks for the good times, great memories and terrific music! Merci Mon Ami! Bonne Fête!