The name Castille is synonymous in Cajun music and with the Cajun fiddle.  Hadley Castille has been playing the fiddle in Cajun music now since the age of nine.  Today, Hadley is celebrating his 82nd birthday.  That means Hadley has been playing music now for 73 years.

Castille was born on March 3, 1933 in Leonville, Louisiana.   He was born into a Cajun French speaking family. Castille first learned how to play the fiddle from his Uncle Cyprien Castille and he has been playing ever since.

Castille's played Cajun music most his life. This earned Castille many awards over the years. He has been inducted into the Louisiana Hall of Fame. Also, he has received the Acadiana Folk Heritage Award from the Acadiana Arts Council. He has been inducted into the Northwestern University Hall of Master Folk Artists.

Source: Wikipedia


Happy Birthday Hadley Castille!  Thanks for all you have done for Cajun music!

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