If you recall the iconic movie, Caddyshack then you probably recall a scene in the film involving a candy bar and a swimming pool, let's just say something similar to that happened at a Disney resort pool recently.

Lucky Penny Shop via YouTube
Lucky Penny Shop via YouTube

If you recall in the movie Caddyshack the discovery of the "candy bar" resulted in the pool being closed for serious cleaning and sanitation measures.  Okay, here's the way it went down.

The situation at Walt Disney World unfolded at the resort's Pop Century property. There the pool was closed to guests after a "mysterious brown object" was seen floating in the water. Disney cast members were called in to assess and mitigate the situation.

That's from the page of Tik Tok creator @stephanie_mk. I think the funniest part of the whole video is seeing the Disney cast member make the sign of the cross as he is reeling in the potential poop.

Fortunately, it appears as though the brown object in question was not as questionable as your imagination may have led you to believe. You can see the "relieved reaction" of both cast members when they realize the material they have just removed from the pool was not human waste. But it does happen. 

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So, what was in that Disney pool? We might never know unless one of the cast members spills the tea. But judging by the fact that the pool wasn't suddenly drained and scrubbed or marked off limits to guests following the retrieval of the object we can only assume the waters are safe for swimming.

Speaking of cleaning, before you look cross-eyed at Disney World you might want to check out your own place first.

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