The family of reggae legend Bob Marley is suing Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers for using the words 'One Love' as a trademark.  The restaurant has trademarked the phrase since 2005, though Marley popularized the phrase back in 1977 when he recorded a song by the same name.  (The song actually dates back to 1965.)

The Marleys claim that the Louisiana company has willfully and deliberately sought to hijack the phrase by trademarking it.  Cane's has been using the phrase on menus since 2001, according to WAFB, but didn't trademark it until 2005.

Restaurant CEO Todd Graves released a statement on the matter this week, in which he said:

Raising Cane's denies the Marleys' allegations and will continue to defend our rights as we have done with the Marleys in related proceedings concerning the ONE LOVE mark before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board since 2010.  I met with Cedella Marley in a good faith attempt to reach a resolution regarding the Marleys desire to enter the restaurant space. Negotiations continued beyond that meeting with the Marleys ultimately rejecting Raising Cane's last offer for settlement. Raising Cane's looks forward to proving our position in court, putting this matter behind us and continuing to pursue our ONE LOVE - serving our communities our quality chicken finger meals. 

I might be the only one to say it, but I have doubts that Mr. Marley would have been overly concerned about issues like this if he were alive.  "Let's get together and be alright," he sang.

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