Baton Rouge, LA Police Department announced they had arrested a suspect Earl Lee Johnson Jr., 35, in connection with the murder of a female acquaintance. On Monday, April 18, the body of a woman was discovered in the parking lot of Sherwood Towers, which is a Baton Rouge office building located at South Sherwood and Forest Boulevard. The authorities confirmed it was the body of 34-year-old Janice David.

According to reports by WAFB Channel 9, David suffered a brutal death and unbelievably Johnson streamed the whole thing on Facebook Live. The BRPD confirmed David was dead at the scene and noted that the victim's hands were bound to the steering wheel of the vehicle, she had been choked, was naked, and appeared to have been beaten and stabbed.

Baton Rouge Police also confirmed David’s gruesome murder was indeed broadcast on Facebook Live in a 15-minute feed. It's safe to assume he had no choice but, Johnson reportedly admitted to killing David. Ironically, the authorities didn't have to look far for Johnson because he was already in jail. Although it's unclear as to how they caught up to him, Johnson received injuries and was treated at a Baton Rouge hospital after taking police on a high-speed chase. The authorities said prior to the murder the two had been on a drug binge for several days.

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