This is it -- the night Barbe Bucs fans have been waiting for all season long.  Tonight, the boys in blue are in the Superdome facing down Archbishop Rummel High for the 5A State Championship, and we will have live, real-time updates all night long.

UPDATE 10:25 Barbe loses to Archbishob Rummell with a score of 35-14.

UPDATE 10:19 Barbe trails Rummell 35-14 with 2 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.

UPDATE 10:06 P.M. Rummell leads Barbe 28-14 with 7 minutes to go in 4th quarter of play.

UPDATE 9:50 P.M. Barbe trails Rummell 19-14 at top of fourth quarter.

UPDATE 9:41 P.M. Barbe scores causing them to lead Rummell 14-13.

UPDATE 9:22 P.M. The Barbe Bucs rush onto the field moments before the second half of play begins.


UPDATE 8:52-- The first half ends with Barbe trailing Rummell 13-7 after an 11 yard pass by Williams to Cethan Carter.

UPDATE 8:31 P.M.--Barbe scores leaving them tied with Rummell 7-7 when Dean Smith made a 25 yard reception from Kennon Fontenot.

UPDATE 8:25 P.M.-- At the end of the first quarter Barbe trails Rummel 0-7. In the last scoring play Rummell went 99 yards to score first on 11 yard pass from Damien Williams to Steven Dunbar. Drive goes 13 plays for 99 yards in 8:02.

UPDATE 8:16 P.M.-- Neither team has scored yet but in this season the Rummell Raiders are 13-0, while the Barbe Bucs have had one loss to St. Thomas Moore.

UPDATE 7:55 P.M.-- The Barbe team rushes on the field seconds after the coin toss.

Wade Hampton


UPDATE 7:22 P.M.--The boys of Barbe begin warming up on the field of the Superdome.

Wade Hampton


UPDATE 6:58 P.M.-- There's a sea of blue as Barbe fans fill the Superdome in preparation of the big game.

Mike Soileau


Keep refreshing this page throughout the evening, and you'll get the latest score throughout the night.  You can also stream the game live by clicking below, and if you have to step away from the Internet, download the radioPup app for your iPhone or Android phone to hear the game live.