No more stops -- we're out of Cozumel and heading back to Galveston, Texas.  We're going back to the familiar waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  After the throwdown we had yesterday, we're taking today to thank our group for coming by throwing a cocktail party and handing out free adult beverages.  We're going to try to get Damon to break out his accordion and going unplugged for us!

This was an incredible journey!  As much as we hate to, we're packing our stuff to get ready to come home.  We have to have our bags packed early, because the crews collect everything ahead of time.  (I need to make sure I got an extra pair of drawers handy!)

We want to thank Damon Troy and Final Five for making this one of the most memorable trips we've ever had.  These guys were awesome.  Globetrek Travel made sure everything was taken care before we even shipped out!  And I want to thank myself for "working" this hard on my vacation!  (Just kidding.)

Next year, make sure you don't have to sit here and read about our cruise -- make sure you're there with us!

The coastline at Cozumel

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