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The Village of Moreauville, just south of Marksville in Avoyelles Parish, just banned pit bulls and rottweilers. So what does that mean if you happen to own a a dog of that breed? It means village officials will come to confiscate your dog and kill it if you don't get rid of it by Dec. 1.

That's the report coming from KALB-TV in Alexandria and that's also been covered by CNN.

O'Hara Owens is a Moreauville resident who owns a pit bull named Zeus. As you'll see in the video above, Zeus has been a "therapy dog" for Owens, who is confined to a wheelchair and wears a halo brace for severe neck problems.

And yet, village officials will be coming to her home Dec. 1 to confiscate Zeus.

They say no one has ever complained about their dog and it has never bitten anyone.

"I asked the question, well what if I don't give you my dog?" said Joanna Armand, O'Hara's mother. "(Chief of Police) Scott Lemoine said they would come and get the dog and the dog would be disposed of and we would be fined." -- KALB-TV

A petition has been started to reverse the ordinance, and so far has nearly 40,000 signatures and its own Facebook page.

What do you think?  Are dogs like Zeus a danger to people, or is this a step too far?

Facebook / Saving Zeus

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