This week's "Don's Automotive Group Athlete Of The Week" is Dawson Ashford of Basile.

Dawson is a multi-sport athlete at Basile High School.  He is an Iron Man for his football team, as he's the starting Quarterback and also plays strong safety on defense. He's an outstanding player and leader on and off the field. Dawson plays with heart and love for the game, always has and always will.

Courtesy Of The Ashford Family
Courtesy Of The Ashford Family

He's a role model to all of the younger football players in Basile who look up to him and want to be like him. Dawson helps coach the 9 and 10-year-old youth football team in Basile, which his younger brother plays for.

Courtesy Of The Ashford Family
Courtesy Of The Ashford Family

Dawson is a 3.5 student-athlete at Basile High School, where he also does two other sports: wrestling and track. Dawson was in the top 3 players of the week for week 6 for Louisiana Class 1A (football) last week. His actions both on and off the field are exceptionable, respectful, and he leaves an impact on anyone who meets him!

I was able to ask Dawson some questions about his love for sports and his community:

Q:  What was the first team sport you played as a child?

A:  Football

Q:  With playing so many sports, which one is your favorite? Why?

A:  Football, because you learn so much about leadership and being humble. You also become closer with your brothers on the field and off. This is why football is the greatest sport.

Q:  How did you get involved in coaching little league?

A:  My little brother plays for the little league in Basile, and I coach them to get them prepared for junior high and to get better.

Q:  Being a multi-sport athlete yourself, who are your favorite professional athletes:


  • Football: Deion Sanders
  • Baseball: Aaron Judge
  • Basketball: Kevin Durant
Courtesy Of The Ashford Family
Courtesy Of The Ashford Family

Q:  What is your favorite subject in school?  Why?

A:  Biology, because it's interesting and you learn something new every day

Q:  What's your personal favorite sports accomplishment or reward?

A:  Beating Elton over there for the Battle of the Bayou. I say this because everyone doubted us, saying we were gonna get blown out and not have a good season. My team and I stepped up, coming together, putting in hard work that whole week, and it paid off in the end. We kept the Battle of the Bayou Trophy once again for another year at Basile High School.

Congratulations to Dawson Ashford, our "Don's Automotive Group Athlete Of The Week"!

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