When you really think about it, the ocean is just Mother Nature's toilet and we're paying a lot of money to rent a place right beside it so we can swim in it. Think of all the animals that go poop in the ocean. Think of the animals that just go number one in the ocean. It is no wonder the ocean sometimes stinks. It's like the universe forgot to flush.

Okay, enough about my pumping up your trip to the beach. Let's talk about our beaches in Louisiana. There are some who are very concerned about the health of beach-goers in our state. Those concerned the most are with the Department of Health and Hospitals.

They have begun testing the water and surroundings at Louisiana's beaches for bacteria. No this isn't the search for some strange micro-monster. It's just a test to see how safe are our beaches. Let's face it, there is bacteria everywhere, but at the beach we open ourselves up for more places and ways for bacteria to invade our bodies.

You can see the latest test results from DHH right here.

Those with open wounds or cuts should not go in the water. It's also not a good idea to put the water in your mouth. If you do have a weakened immune system it's probably best you stay out of the water as well.

The DHH is currently testing 24 different sites along the Louisiana coast. Don't be alarmed, it's something they do on a regular basis. It just gets more attention during the summer months when vacationers are present. If you'd like to see what they've found so far you can visit the DHH website.

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