Apple is once again putting the "i" in infuriating by announcing yet another change to the way we use and charge their devices. The device in question this time is the iPhone. I think it's safe to say a lot of you are familiar with the iPhone. Do you remember when Apple took away the headphone jack? Do you remember when they made us all go out and find a "lightning charger"?

Techquickie via YouTube
Techquickie via YouTube

Well, those unpleasant memories of the not-to-distant past will be put into perspective in the coming months when the electronics giant once again forces those who want to use their products to go out and get new and different chargers and connectors.

The reason for the change in connectors isn't actually all Apple's fault. They are having to adjust to a law that was recently passed in the European Union. That law stipulates that the USB-C connector and port will be the mandatory port for all devices sold in Europe.

Here's what a USB-C connector looks like.

As you can see it's similar in size to the lightning connector but it's hollow on the inside. You might already have a device or two that uses the USB-C connector. If you continue to buy Apple products in the future, you'll have one more.

The new law in the EU goes into effect in 2024 so speculation is that Apple's next evolution of the iPhone, we're currently on iPhone 14, will feature the new connector technology. The expectation is that the iPhone 15 will make its debut in late 2023.

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