Livingston, Louisiana native and season 17 American Idol winner, Laine Hardy, announced via social media that he has contracted the coronavirus.

Laine had quite the journey on American Idol. If you don't remember how it went down, let's recap.

Two years ago in 2018, Laine auditioned in New Orleans. He got a golden ticket and seemed to be a front-runner to win the show with his charming country boy looks and his amazing gravely voice. However, he wasn't versed on popular pop songs, and he was quickly eliminated from Idol.

Last year, Laine accompanied one of his friends, Ashton Gill, playing guitar for her audition. The judges immediately recognized him and asked him to play a song for them. With a new polished look and a new swagger, the judges pleaded with him to take a golden ticket and come back to the show. After a short hesitation, he accepted.

In the Idol finale, I loved how Laine kept to his Louisiana roots. He was going to win the show by being himself. He sung a song by Louisiana legend, Marc Broussard, called Jambalaya (On the Bayou).

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