Have you ever stopped to wonder what is inside those big trucks that zoom by you on the Interstate? Sure they could be loaded with furniture or tools or produce or in the case of the state of Alabama, loose chicken parts. How do we know about the propensity for the hauling of loose chicken parts in the great state of Alabama? Well, the truckers over there keep spilling the chicken goo all over the road.

For the second time in ten weeks, crews with Alabama's Department of Transportation were out on the steaming highways cleaning up spilt chicken.

The most recent spillage of piece parts as they used to call them in fast-food commercials happened yesterday. And the spill was not nearly as bad as the chicken spill that happened in April. Back then motorists started complaining of slippery roads in the vicinity of Hugh Thomas Bridge and Lurleen Boulevard only to discover they were trying to navigate the roadways on a layer of chicken guts, skin, and blood.

As you might imagine, the spill of chicken parts yesterday took on an awful stench according to those who were close to the scene. The good news is that the Alabama Department of Transportation workers were able to clean the carcasses off the roadway and from what we understand all lanes are open, however, the stench could be around for another day or so.

Speaking of fragrances, I don't think Chicken Baking on Asphalt would be a great smell for the man in your life or anyone in your life for that matter. However, these fragrances will make some wonderful choices for those who really want to stand out in the crowd.

13 Fragrances Men Would Actually Enjoy Wearing

If ever there was a smell that men longed to smell it would be this. Gym floors or most likely, the stuff they use to polish gym floors emit an air of performance, anticipation, and flammable naphtha. Nothing will bring him back faster to his glory days than smelling like middle school.


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