The University of Texas Longhorns football team is searching for a little bit of burn ointment this morning following what appears to be an unintentional burn delivered by a Four-Star football recruit who was visiting campus over the weekend.

If you're not familiar with college football recruiting it's like dating. Universities strut out their very best stuff to help persuade talented athletes to come to play for their programs. LSU does it, the University of Louisiana does it, and all universities with an eye on winning serve up these special weekends that usually cast the school being considered in a very positive light.

Then there's U.T. at Austin. A school that's known far and wide for its ability to recruit great athletes and turn them into mediocre teams. Sorry Tea-Sips but the truth is the truth and Johntay Cook III just exposed your football program for what it really is, lacklustre.

I mean it's not like Texas doesn't have some football hardware it can display. They did win a National Championship back in 2005. The school's football program has produced two Heisman Trophy winners. New Orleans Saints fans will surely remember Ricky Williams and Earl Campbell as both of those former Longhorns spent a little time in the Big Easy.

Ricky Williams #34
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But no, Texas, at least when it comes to football has been, to use a Texas term, "all hat and no cattle". That doesn't mean the 'Horns won't be better this season. They do have another outstanding recruiting class poised to make their statement on the field in the fall.

Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns vs Texas Longhorns
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We're just not sure what that statement will be. It could be "The Burnt Orange is Back" or it might be more realistically "The Burnt Orange is actually Toast". We will have to wait and see but we do know a lot of the Texas faithful can swim. It must be because of all of those laps at Zilker Park.

Meanwhile, if you're a Texas recruit or potential football player. Here are some places where you might watch people swim, just not as good as they swim in Austin.

7 Lazy Rivers in Louisiana




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