We have seen Harvey lose all steam when it hit the Yucatan Peninsula and then turnaround and suck up the warm Gulf waters and regain strength 3 times it had been.

Harvey's winds are still at 85 mph and he's traveling NNW at 10 mph.  So not much change from the 1 pm National Hurricane Center advisory.

Here in SWLA our biggest threat from Harvey will be the rainfall.


Most Meteorologists agree we will see the heaviest rainfall from the remnants of Harvey around Tuesday and Wednesday as the storm slowly makes its way across SWLA and SETX.

Models have been showing SWLA to expect around 10 to 12 inches of rainfall from the storm, which could spell disaster for our area.  However, our neighbors to the west will fair much worse as the greater Houston area is expected to see 22 or more inches of rain from Harvey.

If you need locations for sand bags to get prepared for the flooding here in SWLA, CLICK HERE!

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