Nothing makes a better Mardi Gras meal than hot and steaming boiled crawfish. I can smell them cooking now. You know you want some; but are you willing to shell out a king's ransomed for them. We checked some prices.

getty images/ Spencer Platt

We started with a call to J T's Seafood on Lake Street. You'll find live crawfish there for $4.75 a pound and boiled crawfish for $5.99 a pound. Mr. Bill's Seafood Express on McNeese sells them boiled for $5.99 a pound cash ($6.75 debit or credit cards) ... or for orders of twenty or more to go you can get them for $5.75 a pound. Steamboat Bill's did not have any live crawfish when we called;  and they are selling them boiled for $6.99 a pound. Zydeco Crawfish on Highway 14 is selling boiled crawfish for $5.99 a pound.

There are lots of choices around Southwest Louisiana when is comes to crawfish but they are going to cost you. The cold weather in January and February has really cut back the amount of available crawfish.Louisiana Crawfish Farmers Association Director, Stephen Minvielle told WWL "the numbers we're seeing statewide are below fifty percent of what we had on an average year."

Have a great Mardi Gras and if you are having crawfish please remember the broke DJs in this world.

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