You don't need to be a MacGyver or Crocodile Dundee, with special training to live off the land in order to spring into action at the first sign of trouble. But you do need to have some idea of how to get yourself out of a life-threatening situation. Reddit did an open forum on "What fact could someday save your life," and I gotta say folks from all over offered sound advice on a variety of life-threatening scenarios. Then I found another post on E!, covering the same topic with even more great tips on how to save your life.

After going through their lists, I did a little homework myself and comprised a top 10 Best Lifesaving Tips list of my own. I really think these simple suggestions are pretty important. I was surprised to know that was already doing a few of them and it just confirmed to me that you never can be too safe. My daughter and I go through a couple of "what to do" drills all the time, especially when we are out and about. Unfortunately, nowadays no place is a safe place. Everyone regardless of age or size should know how to execute a few of these life-saving tips.

1.) Learn how to swim. If nothing else, probably even more important than knowing how to swim is knowing how to float! If you can float, you can save your life. If someone is drowning the last thing you should do is try to save them yourself. They will beat you silly because they are panicking. Throw them a rope or something that can float and pull them to safety instead.

2.) Whether you are going to be with a group or by yourself, always let someone know where you are going. For obvious reasons.

3.) If you are being attacked and you don't have a way to defend yourself, take off your belt. You can use it as a whip or wrap it around your hand to use the buckle as a weapon and fend your attacker away.

4.) Use your nails if you are being attacked and go for their eyes. Your nails will also collect the attacker's DNA, making it easier to identify them. They can also do a lot of damage to a persons face or eyes. Another good tip is to hit them or headbutt them as hard as you can in their nose or kick them with all your might in the groin.

5.) Never let an attacker put you in a car and take you. Fight like hell, scream at the top of your lungs 'someone help me', claw their face and eyes to pieces, bite them as hard as you can and make as much noise as possible. Just don't let them take you because your chances of survival or being found drops significantly.

6.) If you are caught in a burning house or building, stay low to the ground and crawl to the nearest exit. To avoid smoke inhalation try to get a shirt or towel, wet it if possible, then cover your nose and mouth. This will serve as a temporary air filter making it easier to breath.

7.) If you ever get lost in the woods, the very first thing to do is find water and make a shelter. You can live without food for days, but only 3 days without water and less than that without shelter.

8.) No matter where you are, always know where the exits are. This includes movies theaters, restaurants, malls, plans, and other forms of transportation.

9.) Install fire and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Check the batteries often to ensure they are working properly.

10.) Always trust your instincts. If it doesn't feel right, chances are it probably isn't. If you have a bad feeling about someone, most of the time that feeling is right. Pay attention to your natural instincts. If you feel like your in danger, it's because you are.

Wanna know how to survive a nucellar blast? How to survive if you get lost in a dessert? What about how to find out if you are being followed? Click here to discover 39 more survival tips everyone needs to know! Pretty cool stuff. I highly suggest you read them all, cause you never know when one of these safe-saving tips might come in handy. Be safe!

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