Which New Orleans Saints Quarterback has started the most consecutive games over the history of the team?  if you're a modern day fan, you might say Drew Brees.  If you're an old-school fan, you might say Archie Manning.  But you'd be wrong both times.

Archie Manning does hold the record for most starts in Saints history at 129 games between 1971 and 1982.  Drew Brees has started 122 games since 2006 -- but neither his nor Archie's streaks were consecutive.  Archie shared the starting duties over his career with half a dozen other QBs, including Bobby Scott and Bobby Douglass, while Drew rested for one game in 2009 when backup Mark Brunell stepped in.

So who holds the record?  Aaron Brooks, who started 85 consecutive games between 2000 and 2005 before the Saints released him.

The New York Times has a really cool interactive chart that shows the starting streaks of every NFL quarterback from 1970 until this past week.  Just hover your mouse over the slashes and you'll see the stats for each quarterback.

So which NFL quarterback holds the league record for most consecutive starts?  Well Brett Favre, of course, at 275 with the Green Bay Packers.