War! No one I know likes war. But, as we used to say in the Marines, somebody needs to know how to fight wars.

Rather than debate the issues of whether or not we should have been in any war … say Iraq or Nam, my issue is that once the president, the Congress or my uncle Elmon decides we’re going in, then all bets are off!

Turn the operation over to those who have studied, rehearsed, etc. and let those military leaders develop a plan to annihilate the enemy, the enemy’s friends and anyone else who happens to live nearby and/or socialize with the enemy! We ain’t mad at anybody, but this is war! War ain’t pretty. But, if it’s worth fighting, then it’s worth winning!

With the exception of Desert Storm, our country seems to want to wage battles, but also tries to be very sure no one gets hurt. Especially those non-combatives.

For lack of a more politically non-correct word, Baloney!

Been to any wars lately?

Somewhere around the mid-1960s it became fashionable for the enemy not to wear uniforms. That fashion statement has been carried forward through Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the non-free world. Many times our armed forces are urged (at their own peril) to give those smartly-dressed non-combative-looking would-be killers the benefit of the doubt. Unless say, they shoot at us or fire a rifle grenade. Then it may be appropriate to “return fire.” Who knows? There could be an embedded TV newsman watching, or even worse -- filming!

Let me suggest that this is not a winning strategy.

So yesterday, I observed us quietly ending the Iraqi war. Yeah, we got Hussein and his evil kin, but did we annihilate the enemy? Where were the 1,000s of locals waving flags, shouting thank-yous for my many Marine friends who paid the ultimate price and the others who live without limbs and with mangled bodies? I didn’t see any. What if -- just what if -- the reason the locals were not out throwing parades, waving flags and kissing our troops … what if the real reason is that we did NOT annihilate the enemy and, in fact, the smartly-dressed non-combative-looking enemy were standing around watching the locals – and watching us leave.

We’ll know the answer in six to 12 months. Here’s what to look for; bombings, kidnappings, gang-style executions of local leaders and taking over the freely-elected government.

If that happens, not much will have changed in the overall scheme of life in that part of the world. And things will continue pretty much the same. That is, unless we go back in again and this time kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out!

Rest in peace my brothers.

Semper Fi!