Drama in the Big Brother house.  Willie Hantz, from Vinton Louisiana, was on the hit CBS Reality show "Big Brother" until tonight when he was kicked off the show for losing his temper and striking another contestant on the show.

On tonight's episode, they showed how Hantz flipped out on a house guest ultimately getting him kicked out of the house, off the show and losing his chance at winning a half of million dollars.

Last week was the first week of the show and Willie was the Head of Household.  During his reign, he rubbed a lot of the other contestants the wrong way.  After the week was over, he lost his power.

Willie knew he was in trouble because all the other contestants on the show wanted him gone. In tonight's show, he told a few of the players he was going to get himself kicked out of the house before the contestants could vote to evict him from the house.

Well, after a competition Willie was sitting in the dining room of the house talking to a few people when he started screaming out that all the people in the game were a bunch of  (Beeps ** Insert curse words here ).  Well one of the house guest, Joe Arvin, yelled something back at Willie causing Hantz to flip out and take of running towards him.

When Willie caught up with Joe, a stand off ensued.  Willie yelled "Hit Me" which Joe did not do.  The two were face to face when Willie head butted Joe in the face several times.


Immediately, the producers of Big Brother yelled over the loud speaker for Willie to go to the Diary Room (which is the room the contestants go to for private interviews).  Willie was shown on the show tonight being asked to go through the back door of the room.

Then on the show, a producer came over the loud speaker and asked all the contestants to assemble in the living room where an announcement was made that violence was not tolerated in the Big Brother game and that Willie Hantz had been removed from the show.

No word if Willie will be criminally charged with assault or if he will be in trouble with the network for violating the rules.

We will keep you updated.