With the Holiday weekend coming up, I thought that we would pass along some BBQ'ing Tips for your Memorial Day celebrations.

Elizabeth Karmel, author of Taming the Flame and Soaked, Slathered and Seasoned and Executive Chef of New York’s Hill Country, Hill Country Chicken, and D.C.’s Hill Country BBQ Market, honors the barbecue traditions of Central Texas. Her tips include:

• Learn the difference between direct and indirect heat and how to use them. Direct for food that cooks through in twenty minutes or less, indirect for food that needs more than twenty.

• Treat your grill like your cast-iron skillet, i.e. season and don’t scrub clean. Season by slooooowly grilling a bunch of sausages, rendering the fat and letting it coat the grill. Cook until deep golden brown.

• Oil the food, not the grate. Oil on a grate burns quickly, gets tacky and glues food to the grate. Oiling food prevents juices from evaporating, stops sticking and promotes caramelization.

• Use the Grilling Trilogy: coat food with olive oil, black pepper, adding salt just before grilling, so meat doesn’t dry out.

via Tips for the Ultimate Memorial Day BBQ - FoxNews.com.

Let me know how they come out!!!!