Creole Nature Trail App Now Available
There is an App for that! There is an App for everything! Now there is an App for the Creole Nature Trail. It's like having your own personal guide who does the tour on your time.
Lake Charles Film From 1954 [VIDEO]
I found a video of life in Lake Charles back in 1954. Actually it is a film that McNeese adapted to video. It is a glimpse into a bygone era. Have you ever seen what the lake shore looked like before the civic center was built. You are about to.
T-Bob Hebert Does The Night Before Draftmus [VIDEO]
T-Bob Hebert was an offensive lineman for LSU. Since his graduation last year he has been working as a Sportscaster and Sports Columnist with WWL in New Orleans. He is quite a character and has done some great video work. You'll enjoy his "The Night Before Draftmjus."

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